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Monday, July 30, 2018

All the Crooked Saints - Maggie Stiefvater

How far would you go for a miracle? Every day people wander from afar to Bicho Raro, Colorado, hoping for a miracle. Even after receiving a warning from the locals that the miracles come at a personal cost, they still choose to go through the ceremony.

Daniel, who performs the ceremonies is trapped by his duty to conduct them. His cousin Beatriz wants to pursue her feelings, but is unable to do so because of her own responsibilities. And Joaquin, the renegade cousin, happily steals away at night to run his radio station as Diablo Diablo.

How long can these cousins, gifted to help their community, run from themselves? How long before their pain bleeds into those around them? And if they ever do find themselves can they heal themselves and those around them?

I had difficulty getting through this book due to my feelings toward the main characters. I didn't find any of them particularly interesting, but I continue on because I was interested in the overall plot. I wondered what the 'miracles' were exactly. I wondered how these people would cure themselves in order to receive their miracle. By the end it all wrapped up and I was glad to have suffered with the main characters to learn the truth of their lives and those around them. This book definitely left me analyzing even my own life. Highly recommended for those who may want to learn more about themselves.

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