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Monday, July 2, 2018

Ghostland - Colin Dickey

Like many of us, Dickey is fascinated with the paranormal, especially ghosts and spirits. Dickey separates his book into four distinct parts, each containing specific places that are haunted: I. The Unhomely: houses and mansions, II. After Hours: bars, restaurants, hotels, and brothels, III. Civic-Minded Spirits: prisons, asylums, graveyards and cemeteries, a park, and IV. Useless Memories: cities and towns.

This hefty volume contains details about each of the cases, where he separates common rumors and facts by those who actually live, work, or have first-hand experiences. This is one of my favorite reads this year due to how it was put together and the details it contained. While I was familiar with a couple of the cases he talked about, I still enjoyed the way he told them. If you like to read about ghosts, I highly recommend this work!

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