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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Andersen

Two young children find themselves at the center of danger when a troll uses a mirror to ruin the world. When the mirror breaks, Kai gets a fleck of glass in both is eye and heart that changes his positive outlook to one of hurt and anger. The Snow Queen whisks Kai off willingly and now his friend Gerda must try to bring him back.
I read a lot of classic Grimm and Andersen as a child. When I heard that Disney's movie Frozen was based on this tale, I decided to revisit this tale. I found the story fairly boring, just
as I did Frozen. Perhaps I don't recall it from childhood because I didn't care for it then either.

Despite my personally disliking it, I would still recommend it for children. The lessons found within are of friendship, perseverance, and love. Overall a very positive message that parents would enjoy their children learning from.

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